Film Production

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus believes that today we have to make movies and tell stories that spark the desire to create a new, more beautiful world. With this intention, I produce movies about inner growth and cultural transformation.

The documentary “Cultural Transformers – Exploring Ways Into a Future Worth Living” portraits inspiring people who actively shape a cultural transformation, characterized by cooperation, humanity and sustainable thinking.

The focus lies on the question: How is inner growth and personal transformation—especially by means of deceleration, mindfulness and more conscious experience—related to cultural and societal change? The protagonists of the documentary speak about inner processes contributing to new ways of thinking and acting. To what extent did an examination of their conscious, human experience influence their actions in the world?

The documentary explores ways into a future worth living and delves into spaces in which a new cultural story can unfold.

Principal Shooting

Produced & Directed By
Andreas Frickinger

Visual Effects

As a teenager, my father encouraged me to use his amateur film and photo gear. Out of this playful engagement with cameras and editing software emerged a deep interest for the digital creation of images. Since my graduation as an engineer for audiovisual media in 2007, I’ve been working as a digital compositing artist and supervisor on a variety of feature film productions. I enjoy the privilege of collaborating with some of the most talented digital artists and visual effects teams on the planet: