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Inner Growth & Cultural Transformation

We are Andreas Frickinger and Nils Schmalenbach and got to know each other as part of an MBSR teacher training in 2015. MBSR stands for mindfulness-based stress reduction. The idea for a website about inner growth and cultural transformation has since evolved. What we communicate is based on a lively, down-to-earth practice of meditation and mindfulness, paired with deep reflection and big question marks. We want to share our experiences to help others in their own developmental processes. It is important to us to show how down-to-earth working with one’s own consciousness can be, how much potential there is for change and how connected we are with the world. Internal and external change can not be separated.

As the world’s population grows, the negative impacts that a globalized consumer culture has on people, animals and the environment is growing. This forces us to take a closer look. How can we live in the future without destroying the ecosystems that support humans and many other life forms? A profound cultural transformation is necessary to find answers to this central question of our time.

Yet how can we bring stability, discernment, compassion and other helpful factors to life in the midst of change? How can we handle difficult emotions, thoughts and challenges wisely? Which stories (individual and cultural) carry us through life? Which ones are old and obstructive? How can we enliven a new story when the old story no longer carries us? What are our deeper needs?

What do I want to bring to the world?
Do I want to contribute to healing?
What does my heart say?

We invite you to honestly explore these and other questions. Our aim is to promote awareness – far removed from dogmas, old stories and outdated ways of thinking. Through our own meditation practice, we feel connected to the Buddhist wisdom tradition. Ultimately, however, we think all labels are obstructive if they do not contribute to more awareness and inner growth. We want to take the next step into a lifeward exploration of our human potential and conscious experience.

Deeply Human is about a life-encompassing practice, in which the questions are often more important than the answers.

Andreas & Nils